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Why Work With Us?

Why Work With an Insurance Agent?

The internet has made shopping for insurance coverage easier. You can compare rates online and even apply online. But there is rarely a personal element, and you may not receive the advice you need. That's why it still makes sense to work with an insurance agent. Agents are insurance experts. It's their job to help you shop for plans from the leading carriers. Expert advice lets you be confident you've found the best rates for the most benefits.


Four More Reasons To Work With an Agent

When you consider all the benefits, working with an experienced agent simply makes good sense. Consider the following reasons:

Agents Guide You Through the Process
Buying an insurance policy can be complicated. At, an agent walks you through every step. Furthermore, you get help understanding the technical language used in the insurance world.

Agents Offer You Choices has a portfolio of plans to choose from, often from multiple companies. A dedicated agent consults with you to determine which policy will protect you best. An experienced agent even knows which company is most likely to accept your application.

Agents Troubleshoot Mistakes
A mistake on your application can cause a company to raise your rate or even reject your application. Your agent helps you fill out your application correctly, and you get the rates that you deserve.

Agents Are Free
One of the best parts about purchasing insurance through an agent at is that you get expert advice free of charge. Agents collect payment from the insurance companies they represent. So you get all the advice you want — absolutely free.


I would like to commend my Insurance Agent Mr. Leland Thomas for the excellent job he is doing in the community. I met him at a friends house approximately 6 years ago he was helping her to understand her policy. Since then we became acquainted and when I reached the age if 65, he was there to explain the process and point me in the right direction. When it was time for my husband to participate he was right there with his knowledge to help us with our decisions. Each year he would follow up and point out what was new and give us his professional advice. He does his job with such passion and tenacity, and I would not change him for anyone else. Thanks for all your help, keep up the good work. You are the best! Janice and Carl B.

I was turning 65 we were besieged with Medicare information from various insurance agencies and Medicare itself our heads were spinning. A friend recommended Leland Thomas to me and told me he had really helped them. We made appointment with Mr. Thomas and he showed up with all sorts of charts, Q & A’s which basically answered a lot of our questions. He also had charts comparing different insurance companies with their programs. He spent a lot of time with us that evening, but when he left we were relieved I has signed up with a plan and he took care of everything for us. That was 7 years ago for me and 5 years ago for my husband. We can count on Leland to call us every October, asking if anything has changed with us medically, letting us know the changes that will occur with our currant plan and recommendations if we need to adapt our coverage.

I feel Leland is a very fine gentleman who really cares for his client and has their best interest at heart. I have no problem recommending him to others. Thank you Leland.

...Sally Robbins